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January 2014

Pursuit of the American Dream

We kids frequently slept outside, weather permitting, on iron beds and springs that were weather-proof and mattresses that could be carried inside and thrown on the floor when it rained. And, no one reported our parents for child endangerment.

December 2013

Sleigh Bells Ring and We’re Listening – Together

Researchers say singing and listening to familiar songs creates a synergy with others, an “acting out” of familiar thoughts or beliefs. As we share in hearing or singing our common holiday songs, we feel a sense of belonging to community, to a larger circle of people. 

November 2012
The Old Gal

Happy Something or Other

You don’t even want to get me started on the inane, syrupy sweet messages inside greeting cards these days. It used to require just the occasional tweaking of the inner verse to accurately reflect my intended sentiments. Then I noticed more and more I had to draw lines through sentences and then entire phrases to avoid nearly proposing when all I meant to convey was a simple Happy something-or-other!

August 2013
Puttin' on the Gritz

Village Vibrations

 My village people don't join Facebook and they don't Tweet, either. They use the telephone to ask about a friend's son serving in Afghanistan or if they just want to say, "Hey. How's your mama and them?" My village people make a difference because they are givers, not takers. 

July 2013
Aid for Age

Milton Friedman’s Philosophy

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years, there’d be a shortage of sand.”

June 2013

No More Dodgeball? Tell Me It’s Not So!

I look at these events and wonder how those of us in our 60s ever survived our childhood. I fondly remember playing dodgeball in the school gym or on the playground. Hitting your opponent with the “soft” ball was a good thing. Catching the ball was great but getting a bloody lip, if hit in the mouth, was even better.

April 2013

Medicine Wars

Traditional medicine says I'll die if I stop taking my statin drug. Alternative medicine says I'm dying because I'm taking my statin drug. I wish Solomon were here to judge the case — unless he would say: "You both can have him. But he will be dead."

March 2013

I Love Women, But...

During my long career with the federal government, I worked with, for, and supervised many extremely talented and competent women with extraordinary leadership skills. I firmly believe they should be given the opportunity to prove themselves alongside their male counterparts regardless of the endeavor.


The Overwhelming Onslaught of Advertising

Then there’s my old fashioned mail that’s delivered each day. People used to send me handwritten letters; now it’s all junk mail. I’ve actually rigged up a length of dryer duct that automatically flows the stuff out the back of the mailbox and directly into my recycle bin.

February 2013

The British Keep Coming!

Then came the arrogant James Bond. How unnerving it was to see our poor CIA guys always playing second fiddle to 007, although there’s some consolation in knowing that both 007 and Prince Harry got caught with their pants down while in Vegas.

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