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May 2015
The Old Gal

Fifty+ Shades of Meh …

Not only are the youths lost in this murky world of instant fame, low expectations and emotional laziness, but so are their parents! Unfortunately, today, most modern adults are too busy searching for the elixir of youth and too absorbed in their own fading appearances to focus on the obligation of raising their offspring responsibly.

Moving On

Recipe Ruckus

There is no telling how many cans and boxes have been secretly downsized with no warning. Who gave container-fillers permission (or orders) to put less in a can or box of stuff we've been buying and using quite satisfactorily for years? Or, did everybody else get the message and I missed it?

January 2015

Let's Save America's Newspapers!

Thomas Jefferson said, "Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter."

August 2014
The Old Gal

What I Can’t/Shouldn’t Wear!

I gave up logo’d t-shirts and skin- tight jeans ages ago, on my own accord. I stopped wearing bows in my hair at the first sign of gray. I have no desire to hang on to a youth by continuing to wear what wasn’t flattering the first time around!

June 2014
The Old Gal

Vacation Vexation

To me, unwinding simply means finding the next thing to do after finishing the last thing I did. I find it difficult to switch off or to “chill” at the best of times, but a vacation, mini-break or whatever my better-half camouflages it as, fills me with utter dread.

The Old Gal

Show Me the Selfie

Yet despite my complete antipathy (not to mention silence) on all these matters, I am still inundated with constant bulletins as though at any minute something remarkable might occur in the lives of everyone I know and they're afraid I'll lose the will to live if I miss it! It never does and I won't!


I Like My Old Flip-Phone!

I bought a small “flip-phone” about five years ago and still have it. It has a camera and the ability to text but I’ve used neither. I don’t do “selfies,” texting (or sexting – this is something I don’t even want to see), or have any “apps” that are supposed to make my life easier.

April 2014

Flying Through the Decades

I would often draw pictures of aircraft and dream a child's dream of being a pilot, dressed in a blue uniform, along with that pair of wings and peaked cap common to the era. Flying  airliners had that same special quality that we used to feel when we made (or received) a long-distance call, or received a telegram from uniformed boy on a bicycle who delivered a message that we signed for!

The Old Gal

It’s a Wonderful Modern Life

Just after the Thanksgiving Day parade and before the Superbowl X?X?, we can now add the punching, pushing, screaming and scrambling of out of control shoppers to our holiday TV viewing! It’s an unacceptable state of affairs. People in third-world countries don’t fight that hard for survival, let alone an unnecessary plaything. 


Pursuit of the American Dream

We kids frequently slept outside, weather permitting, on iron beds and springs that were weather-proof and mattresses that could be carried inside and thrown on the floor when it rained. And, no one reported our parents for child endangerment.

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