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March 2013
Aid for Age

The Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters may well be remembered by their service during World War II, entertaining troops. That’s something you don’t see much of now from film stars or celebrities. The sisters sold War Bonds and traveled to all major theaters of war.

February 2013
Senior Moments

Talk About Serendipity!

"You let your brother steal my boat!" I shouted with a smile. And then started laughing in disbelief that my future wife saw me long before we met.

Aid for Age

A Century Ago

There were about 8,000 cars but only 145 miles of paved roads. Fuel for autos was sold at drug stores.  So were marijuana, morphine, and heroin. There were only about 250 murders reported in the entire country.

January 2013

Evolution of the American Gas Station

I felt quite the adult as service station attendants scurried around my car: “Fill ‘er up sir?”  Clean your windshield sir?  “The oil is down half a quart sir.” Not only was I being addressed as sir, gas was only 26 cents a gallon and air was absolutely free!

Aid for Age

Remembering Satchmo the Satchelmouth

Satchmo became known not only as a trumpet player and singer but also as a bandleader, film star and comedian. Not bad for a kid raised in poverty whose father left home and whose mother turned to prostitution. He was brought up by his grandmother.

December 2012
Golden Ponderings

The Sock Monkey: Sharing Holidays Past

And then they disappeared, going the way of Gumby and Pokey, Mr. Bill and Mr. Potato Head. Yet there they were again in my gift catalogues —  the appealing little dolls in an assortment of colors and sizes, replicas embroidered onto cuddly lap blankets, and fashioned into scarves, winter hats and slippers.

Aid for Age

Remember Willie & Joe?

The cartoon that won Mauldin the Pulitzer in 1945 was captioned “Fresh-spirited American troops, flushed with victory…” The cartoon depicted wretched, drenched, mud-caked, unshaven infantrymen slogging through a downpour.

November 2012
Puttin' on the Gritz

Whistle A Happy Time

I am chatting with friends about homework assignments, the cute boy who just moved from Charleston, the new Revlon lipstick color, my hot pair of Weejuns and Friday's Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. We take turns talking and we flap our hands a lot.

October 2012
Inside Out and Round About

Past – Present – Future

Of course, you could follow the advice of Groucho Marx who had a long-running show of his own: “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

Aid for Age

Calvin Coolidge, The Idealist

Coolidge was mocked by such notables as H.L. Mencken: Coolidge “slept more than any other president, whether by day or by night”, and Dorothy Parker, when she heard Coolidge had died, asked: “How could they tell?”

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