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July 2013

Bicycle Memories

My garage still contained her transportation of independence – rusted, with silvery rims that topped each tire plus the wrapped cords of the hand brakes that had turned tacky from deterioration. This last tangible proof of childhood needed no permission to give away, yet I pushed the phone-number digits, heard my daughter's "hello" and saw, in my mind, clumps of hand-picked flowers stuffed in steel bicycle baskets.

June 2013

When the Iceman Came

Square signs indicated what size block of ice was needed — from 25, 50, 75 to100 pounds. You would turn the number indicating the pounds needed to the top of the sign. He would deliver the ice to the kitchen and if no was at home, he would go in and place it in the ice box.

Aid for Age

Hearing the Words, If Not the Voices of the Past

But she hated the sound of her voice. So, she gave up the project. The sounds of our voices can be important. But in most cases, it doesn’t matter nearly as much as what we say.

Aid for Age

Once When Nancy Reagan Was Wet and Cold

While Reagan and I were talking, we looked up and saw Nancy splashing toward shore. As she stepped on shore and walked up to us, she was shivering. I graciously handed her my beach towel, so she could dry herself and wrap it around her chilly shoulders.

May 2013
Puttin' on the Gritz

Let the Good Times Roll!

Through a kind of strange synchronicity, we all are being collectively catapulted back to the summer of 1959 when girls wore crinolines and ponytails, and guys wore I.D. bracelets and no ponytails.


Letters Are a Morale Builder

A rumor swirled among the prisoners that the Japanese hoarded warehouses full of letters and packages intended for the American troops. When the Red Cross did deliver the first mail from home, a near frenzy broke among the prisoners as they surrounded the guard hut and stood for two hours while the censored mail was distributed.

Skinny Dipping

A ‘Little Chicago’ Story

I was her youngest granddaughter and she took me under her wing in the kitchen. It was a lost cause, however, because even a simple thing like cupcakes turned out like hockey pucks when I tried to make them.

April 2013

Rough Beginnings, Smooth Ending

Things then went quite smoothly, considering the heat. When we left to start our honeymoon the ushers sang us out to the strains of "Goodnight Irene." My aunt went with me to help me change.

And that’s when it hit me. I was married! Omigawd, what do I do now?


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad....Dog?

Only Mama, as I called her, and I knew how all that good behavior came about. If she so much as suspected I was up to mischief, she delivered this whispered warning:  “Pssst! Don’t forget the German Police Dog behind the living room couch. He’ll come out and bite you if you are bad.”

Wit and Grit

Jack Klugman and Me

I stomped on the jacket with my cowboy boots, rubbing it into the dirt and dust until it had a patina of crud on it. Now it looks like a real cowboy’s coat, I thought. I brought it back and proudly hung it in Jack Klugman’s dressing room.

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