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May 2014

Almost a Saint

I’m worried that the dementia is getting worse. My mom tries to hide it but she sometimes gets confused about what’s going on around her. To help keep her mind sharp I always try to have a conversation with her to jog her memory. I don’t mind doing it. Like I said, I’m almost a saint.

April 2014

The Country Schoolhouse

When the Rural Electrification Program rolled through the area, they drilled 8-ft. deep holes to hold the poles for the electrical wires. An idea of fun for these guys was to chase down one of the smaller students and put him in one of the holes upside down. It was only when he didn’t show up for class after recess that we missed him, traced him down and rescued him.

March 2014

Your Hometown Newspaper

These weeklies are like a diary for the county's citizens, recounting the daily lives of local people, publishing their social, religious, business and political news that would never be printed in the daily papers.

February 2014

Snow Storms Bring Back Depression-era Memories

But I am thankful for it was that era that grew 'the greatest generation' and built the backbone of America. From this group came the soldiers, marines and sailors who won World War II. So many who were in the Battle of the Bulge in Germany and survived those terrible freezing conditions say they were able to survive because of the way they grew up back in the pre-war days.


A Valentine’s Day Adventure

She looked happy and thanked me but also seemed a little bewildered. I explained that this was the watch she wanted 15 years ago at Manteo’s Jewelry Store. She explained that the watch was beautiful but it was Santelli’s Jewelry Store and what she wanted back then was earrings.

Wit and Grit

The Changing Newspaper Business from a Rodeo Photographer's Perspective

I didn't think of my work as "liberated," I just thought I was using a skill I had. But Knight may have seen me as a threat. A cowboy told me later, "Harry Knight is from the old school. He thinks if a woman is seen in the around the bucking chutes, it makes the event look less dangerous."

January 2014

Middle of the Night Memories

How dare he go alone with Ellen! And why on earth should this attractive and “much older woman” accompany my relatively worthless shrimp of a brother on something resembling a date? Doug told me later that day he could not explain it.

December 2013

Remarkable ‘Walker Weston’

On one occasion he trudged 100 measured miles in Westchester County, New York, in little more than 22 hours. He walked all over the country — from Bangor, Maine, to Buffalo, New York; from New York to Minneapolis. He put on walking displays at exhibits and fairs across the country. He crossed the United States, twice, on foot.

Puttin' on the Gritz

Christmas at the Waffle House

I don't remember ever having breakfast outside of our home on Christmas while I was growing up. Mama may have fixed waffles, but chances are she simply popped Miss Sunbeam bread in the toaster, or if we were lucky she made cinnamon toast before yelling for us to put down our toys and come to the table.


Wrestling Grandpa

Another story, we loved to hear was during an earlier time when Galen and his father were in Texas. It was during the period of the historic Cherokee Run of 1893, when public land was made available to anyone who could stake a lot.

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