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November 2014
The Old Gal

TV Times

Further excitement followed when we realized how many channels we had to choose from – five! I mean, five stations! Our little minds were blown away with such overindulgence.


Old Things New Again

Sure enough, faded and fragile pages in this book originally printed in 1947 are still able to tell us the lessons of “ingenious ways to make your old things look like new and save many dollars.”


Clare Booth Luce – Lunching Like Old Friends

At one point in the early ‘50s Clare considered running for president, even though at that time the thought of a woman running for president seemed very far-fetched.

October 2014
The Old Gal

What Makes it a Home?

Our house was small and messy and didn’t afford any of us much privacy. But I don’t recall ever wanting privacy. I played with, argued with and shared everything with my sisters and brother. It was home, our home and, warts and all, we were happy-ish.


World War II in America

We endured without complaint (at least not much) the rationing of gasoline, rubber, sugar, meat and other commodities. Looking back from today's perspective we were hopelessly, perhaps foolishly, patriotic.


From the Heart: A Daughter’s Connection with a Father’s Voice from the Past

Although World War II was a time of horror, loss, and terrible turmoil, it was also a time when love, respect, responsibility, duty, helping one another, honor, and patriotism were important values lived out daily.

August 2014
Senior Moments

That Unforgettable First Payday

I gave my answer even before learning of the impressive pay rate of 50 cents an hour — impressive, that is, for an 11 year old in 1954.

Agelessly Yours

Down at the House

In fact, the outsiders looked like they could use a good tonic. Okay, I'll say it, a good strong laxative. That was the carefree pre-terrorists era, but some of the in-laws looked like, well, they looked like they had just been taken hostage.

July 2014

Summers on the Farm

I’m sure that today, a child welfare officer would come by, arrest all the adults, charge them with child abuse, and divide us kids into a series of foster homes.

June 2014


I noticed a cute girl from my school across the lobby and gathering up all my courage, went to talk to her. Unfortunately, what I learned was that a guy should never be singing, “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair” when he walks up to a girl. And I probably would have been more successful if I didn’t have chocolate-covered peanuts caught between my teeth.

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