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Health October 2017

Eat Right Now

Do Seniors Need to Take Vitamins?

By Wendell Fowler

Real plant-food vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals activates your body’s inner healer. Man-made, artificially created nutrition your cells struggle to identify and use, do not.

Fertilizer yourself lately?

You must forgive yourself for disbelieving our beloved Standard American Diet (SAD) is the genesis of our nation’s plague of chronic disease. Now there is proof from the Journal of the American Medical Association – JAMA – the mountaintop. You are malnourished and did nothing wrong. You trusted and followed prejudiced dietary guidelines, but it’s never too late. As we age, our temple and immune system begin to weaken, and like a garden, must be mindfully attended.

Everybody understands the wisdom of fertilizing gardens so they’ll grow, bud, and flower into abundance. Humans are no different. Without nourishment we get sick, wither and return to the earth – we perish from a lack of what life requires. Many folks assert disease is God’s will: punishment, a cross to bear. Yes, life’s a bitch. Suffering is a necessary part of learning and growing, but you needn’t invite it in for dinner.

21st century America is third-world malnourished. Sure, food is abundant. We consume more than any country, but today’s food has lost its soul. The industrial-strength Western diet robs us of nutrition as foods are processed so nutrients are destroyed and then replaced with unholy, synthetic, manmade chemical substitutes. Like an opiate drug, the constant, excessive consumption of addictive sugar, salt, and fat that lace the American diet, keep us coming back for more, more, and more – like a dope pusher.

Alas, the SAD template has replaced God’s glorious apothecary with processed carbs, genetically modified frankenfood, highly heated and chemically altered food. In truth, Americans are eating food lacking “human fertilizer”: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, fiber, and macro-nutrients.

At your advanced age, is it necessary to take vitamin supplements? YES! From A to Z, vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients our bodies need, despite campaigns by pharma and the FDA to downplay and make you question their value.

Eating lifeless, processed food isn’t the only force behind our nationwide plague of nutrient deficiencies: booze depletes vitamins B and C; most minerals and antioxidants, allergies and infections deplete vitamins A, C, and zinc; air pollutants and aerosol toxins and smoking diminish antioxidants; and stress depletes all nutrients, especially vitamins B and C. Hello disease.

Real plant-food vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals activate your body’s inner healer. Man-made, artificially created nutrition your cells struggle to identify and use, do not. Plant foods contain biological information, energy, and nutrition our cells must receive until our last exhale. Taking vitamin supplements instead of eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods is encouraged, but not the solution. There are many bogus vitamins out there, so do your homework.

My wife and I prefer Juice Plus and Source of Life plant-based vitamins. Those like Flintstones, One-a-Day, or Centrum are hard to digest, synthetic vitamins with dubious artificial coloring. Your sacred holy temple is insulted. And always check for pharma drug interactions.

TV ads appeal to your emotional hot spots with cheerful commercials to sucker you into believing good health and longevity is as easy as popping just one little pill a day. Nonsense! Sacred Mother Nature unselfishly provides exactly what our temple needs to bloom. She’s had billions of years to perfect her healing, sustaining, plant-based nutrients. God’s apothecary brims with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants: human fertilizer. Rethink your strategy. It’s never too late to fertilize the inner garden. Just do your best. You’re a beautiful soul, a miracle.


Chef Wendell hosts Eat Right Now on WISH TV 8 CBS Indianapolis. He can be reached at 317-372-2592 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .Visit his website at

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