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April 2015
Dollar Sense

Looking for a Rental Property During a Landlord’s Market

If water or fire damage your property, like furniture, clothes, electronics, etc., you will wish you had renter insurance. Also, if something happens, like you accidentally let the bathtub overflow and the water damages the property of a neighbor in an adjoining apartment, you’ll wish you had a personal umbrella policy to pay for their loss.


Staying Safer

Even a cell phone that is no longer activated can dial 911. The phone does not need to be activated or have a contract or assigned phone number. It just has to be charged and have a working signal. This is why many not-for-profits collect used cell phones, to refurbish and distribute to people who cannot afford a phone but need a connection to emergency services.

Legal Ease

How to Make Your Eventual Executor Less Stressed Out

There are three ways probate can be avoided at your death. The key is making sure that you do not hold title to any assets in your name alone at the time of your death and for those assets where beneficiary designations are permitted, that you in fact name both a primary and a contingent beneficiary. 

Further Review

Movies by the Book

One of my favorite pastimes is to see how well these worlds meld when a book is adapted for film. Here’s a look at five films that have succeeded to varying degrees in taking a book and transforming the material into a different medium.

Quotation Quotient

What’s Your QQ?

"Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again." - André Gide

The Midnight Gardener

Mighty Mint

Call them eager, call them persistent, call them invasive – mints are garden thugs. Keep your mints in containers.

Deal Me In

Does the Golden Arm Exist?

Cheating at craps is illegal, and there could be some substantial consequences not if, but when you are caught. Dice must be thrown across the table with some degree of ump. They cannot be pushed, “trickled” or slid across the table by the shooter.

March 2015
Further Review

Sharing Film Favorites with Grandchildren

Here are four films and a television series that every grandparent should share with their special little ones. I've tried to avoid the obvious choices (as in The Wizard of Oz and most releases from Disney) for smaller, forgotten fare that have retained their charm and will seem fresh to older adults and the children in their lives.

Quotation Quotient

What’s Your QQ?

“It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.”  - Maurice Switzer. (Switzer's quote is from his 1906 book, "Mrs. Goose, Her Book.")


Grandfatherly Advice on Women's Figures

Not many generations ago it was fashionable to be plump, not "fat” mind you, but enough to let you know you're holding a woman and not a big toothpick!

Passport Perspectives

Tips to Solve Some Retirement Problems

Studies show that it is fear of “running out of money to live comfortably” that is the biggest concern of retirees, while other retirees get stressed out by the lack of structure to their days.

Lawrenzi, Jr.

Hooking the Big Ones

We were all three using the same bait and tossed out our baited hooks about the same distance from the boat. I averaged as many bites per hour as they did, but when we pulled our catch out of the water, their fish were always larger than mine – sometimes twice as big.

Fritz on Photography

Depth of Focus

Using a feature known as focus stacking it is possible to have all flowers in focus by taking a series of pictures with the focus point changing from front to back and combining the shots to make a single image.

Deal Me In

Murky Waters When Gambling at Sea

As a one-time player, plan on a bruising when cruising when it comes to paybacks on slot machines from these luxury liners. The payback percentages, at best, are awful. 

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